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15 Jun

Date: 15.06.2023

Recording for new Voodoo Gods album is finished!

The fastest and most aggressive album I've ever did. Together with legendary producer Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) we mixed double CD! One of them will be complete orchestrated. Like I did before for LMO I composed very bombastic arrangement and I'm very happy with result! Be prepared for something special!


26 mai

Date: 26.05.2023

Perfect start in new race season 2023 with BMW M3 Type S

This was a perfect start at the cup- and touring car trophy within the frame of the 24h-race on Nürburgring circuit! Just back from European tour, where Victor Smolski presented his new CD "Guitar Force", he now came back to the Nürburgring circuit. Taking part at the 24h race for 11 times and lots of VLN races with several class victories, he knows the circuit very well, even, he spent the last 5 years at the German ralley cross mastership, where he won the runners up title. "Motorsport is the same creative process as the music. You have to learn the technics, after that improvisation is in demand. On stage, I have to calculate on my technicians, at a race on my mechanics. I really looking forward to the new season with Type S as partner. We will rock the circuit!".

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14 mar

Date: 14.03.2023

Great feedback to Guitar Force CD!

Thanks to everybody for great feedback to my new CD Guitar Force! Reaction from magazines, reviews and fans is amazing! It makes me happy that the hard work producing this CD has such a great result. Here is the link to new CD:

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13 Feb

Date: 13.02.2023

"Guitar Force" on #33

Thanks to everyone for your support! My new solo CD "Guitar Force" is on #33 by new releases and on #58 by best seller!
You can order "Guitar Force" using this link:»


23 nov

Date: 23.11.2022

VICTOR SMOLSKI announces new album "Guitar Force"!

On February 3rd 2023, former RAGE member guitar virtuoso Victor Smolski, will release his new album, entitled Guitar Force, via Massacre Records! The album pre-save is now available here »
Guitar Force includes the best guitar work Smolski has ever done, since it showcases his different styles of playing in such a versatility. Victor considers the record as a kind of best-of album where he presents many song ideas from RAGE, ALMANAC and Johann Sebastian Bach in new visions and shape. It's powerful yet aggressive and dynamic, from a hi-gain, crunchy fusion sound to nylon acoustic or the sitar, you find all guitar influences on his upcoming record. Razor-sharp melodies alternate with high-speed technical arrangements, along featuring several high-class guest musicians, making this album truly special.
Guitar Force was produced and mixed by Victor Smolski at Unity Music School Studio, and was mastered by Martin Buchwalter at Gernhart Studio. The cover artwork of "Guitar Force" was designed by Gyula Havancsák!


14 aug

Date: 14.08.2022

Europa Tour - Special Guest from Lordi

Victor Smolski invites everybody to a big European tour as Special Guest from Lordi, where he will present his new program with instrumental songs from his new solo CD, which will be released end of this year by Massacre Records. He also will play all his best of songs from RAGE, Almanac and Lingua Mortis Orchestra. Check the dates!





KD Serikovka




Masters of Rock Cafe








Rathaus Saal










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28 jul

Date: 28.07.2022

Eifel Rallye Festival

This year's Eifel Rallye Festival 2022 was a mega event for motorsportfans and drivers! The FIA is celebrating the 50. jubilee of the Rallye world championship. Just everything was perfect: super weather, roaring engines, special cars with top stars like Thierry Neuville, enthusiastic motorsport fans and cool parties with live music! For me personally, it was great fun to push the pedal to the metal at this challenging course. Thanks to the crew for support and to the fans, who visit us at the pit lane! See you at the next action  at the international mountain race in Osnabrück at the 6./7. August!

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24 Jun

Date: 24.06.2022

The 4th solo CD from Victor is done

Recording for the 4th solo CD from Victor is done. It`s an instrumental CD with some new versions from Almanac and Rage Songs. Mastering for vinyl, CD and Downloadstreaming are also done. Artwork by Gyula Havancsák, who did already the whole Almanac CDs. New videos from studio are in production. Soon you get release date by Massacre Records. Save the dates from my live performance as a special guest on tour with Lordi!



31 Jan

Date: 31.01.2022

Special show at Big Gun Festival

I'm looking forward, playing a special show at Big Gun Festival. It will be a "Best Of Show" of my songs with some guests. Also, I'll play some stuff from my new solo CD, which I plan to release in summer 2022. I hope that Covid won't bring any changes and fans can enjoy the great line up of Big Gun festival in Moscow.


31 dec

Date: 31.12.2021

Happy New Year - Hologram Show in Korea

Happy New Year to everybody! Stay healthy and don't forget: It's your life. So, live and enjoy your life the way YOU want.
Check couple of songs of my hologram performance in Korea as an Avatar.

Greets, Victor


30 nov

Date: 30.11.2021

Victor Smolski signs with Massacre Records

Renowned and successful musician, producer and composer Victor Smolski has signed with Massacre Records, and plans to release his new solo album next year. "We are happy to announce the signing of Victor Smolski, who plans to release his 3rd solo album next year!"
Victor is also part of the Power Metal band ALMANAC and worked with the Power / Speed Metal band RAGE or the Symphonic metallers LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA, among others. Besides his passion for music, Victor is also a successful race driver.
As of now, Victor released two solo albums as well as two compilations under the belt of VICTOR SMOLSKI. Stay tuned for more updates.


22 oct

Date: 22.10.2021

Tribute to Jon Lord

A real bombastic show as tribute to Jon Lord with great band's line-up, sinfonic orchestra and many guest singer!


17 oct

Date: 17.10.2021

Victory at final run of German Rallycross Mastership

What a great weekend: super weather, many spectators, action without end and 1. place with quickest lap in final run of Supercars! Thanks to all, who contributed something, so my car could start in perfect condition.

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01 sep

Date: 01.09.2021

Fantastic race weekend with two spots on podium

"A fantastic race weekend with two races and two spots on podium! I am really proud, being the fastest at the final run on Sunday, reaching the 2. position at Supercars class at the German Rallycross Mastership. The first position was going to Denmark with a car out of the world championship, which was driving out of competition."

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13 May

Date: 13.05.2021

Almanac at BIG GUN in Moscow

In July 2021, ALMANAC will be part of the Russian Metal Open Air BIG GUN in Moscow.


24 Mar

Date: 24.03.2021

3. Place at Rallye Sprint Cups

Finally on the race track again! It's realy good to step on the gas, blowing free the head, and flying through the rallye tests. Reaching the 3. place in total, the first race appearance this year was real successful. Thanks to Armin Schwarz for organization of Rallye Sprint Cups, to Günter Beckers for the perfect prepared car, as well as Thomas Gorlt for the great photos. As it is real difficult, planing dates during this damned Lockdown, I not only start at the German Rallycross Mastership, but also at Rallyes and mountain-races. I hope, that anytime spectators can be at the race track again! We see us!


24 Mar


ALMANAC CD Cover nominated for "Masterpieces 2020"

I feel honored, that the current ALMANAC CD "Rush Of Death" was nominated for "Masterpieces 2020" , and was choosen as one of the best Artworks in Heavy Metal section. Many thanks to our art designer Gyula Havancsák and to our photographer Dominik Louis. For me personaly, it's one of the best cover in my discographie with a real personal motive.


19 Mar


ALMANAC - release previously unreleased version of "Kingdom Of The Blind"

Victor Smolski's ALMANAC present a previously unreleased version of 'Kingdom Of The Blind', which originally was part of 2017's "Kingslayer" album featuring vocalist Frank Beck (GAMMA RAY) as well as new arrangements.
Victor Smolski comments:
"On our European Tour 2020, Frank Beck became the main singer of ALMANAC. 'Kingdom Of The Blind' was his favourite song from ALMANAC. So, we decided to do a new version of this song with great support from Belarus Symphony Orchestra, which brings the song to a new level."

A lyric video for the track can be viewed here:

The track is available as digital single on all platforms now. Furthermore, a demo version of the song is part of's "Metal Alliance vol. 4" compilation that's available on CD at:


10 Mär


Release of "Rush Of Death" one year ago

It´s incredible how fast time goes by. Already one year ago since we released "Rush Of Death" Almanac CD. A lot of inspiration for the lyrics was my racing and Tim´s climbing experience. If you don´t have this CD so far, I recommend to order Digi Book (CD+DVD). It has a great live performance from Europe, Asia, Russia and so on.

Order CD + DVD hier:


17 Feb


New version of "Kingdom Of The Blind"

A brand new version of "Kingdom Of The Blind" will be released on the compilation album "Metalliance Volume 4" by on 19.02.2021!

In line with the release of the song "Kingdom Of The Blind" on February 19th, 2021 via on their sampler "Metalliance Vol. 4", here is a short interview with Victor Smolski and Frank Jaeger, editor of Enjoy!

Read more:

Order the album:


03 Jan

Date: 03.01.2021

Voodoo Gods best Metal album of the year 2020

In Speed from Hell - Blogspot, the Voodoo Gods album "The Divinity Of Blood" was choosen as the best Metal album of the year in #14.


03 Nov

Date: 03.11.2020

Online Lessons

Hello everybody!
From December I´ll offer online lessons for guitar, song writing, arrangement and all other music topics you´re interested in. You can book personal lessons or order gift vouchers. For your personal offer, please, contact me:


19 aug

Date: 19.08.2020

Soundcheck in the car!

I've never had so many studio jobs like in Corona times! Here some infos and examples....


19 aug

Date: 19.08.2020

ALMANAC - Neuigkeiten im August!

The corona lockdown doesn't mean that the band members around Victor Smolski are idle away their time. They are already busy writing new songs and besides that, something special is coming in October!


12 may

Date: 12.05.2020

Victor Smolski's pick chains

At Rockys merchandise, you can order different Victor Smolski pick chains. The ALMANAC pick chain stainless steel, Victor Smolski's pick chain with checkered flag or a package with Victors DVD School Of Metal are available there.

Here a link to Rockys merchandise:


09 may

Date: 09.05.2020

ALMANAC headliner tour and tour with Lordi

End of 2020, ALMANAC are going to play some Headliner Shows, before starting the rescheduled tour with Lordi in February 2021. The good thing about it: there will be even more dates and cities! So after all this weird months we're looking foward to seeing you on tour in February 2021!

As a kind of warm up show, ALMANAC will rock the Hoppegarden in Hamm with a real long setlist! So check the dates section and get your ticket...

03 may

Date: 03.05.2020

2 ALMANAC songs - Instrumental Version

Yet another workshop! Here's an instrumental version of the ALMANAC song "Predator" from the current album "Rush Of Death". Sheet music for guitar is included! You can also check out the instruments in detail:
Left channel: Guitar - Right channel: Bass - Center: Drums


Here's an instrumental version of the ALMANAC song "Blink Of An Eye" from the current album "Rush Of Death".

Left channel: Guitar - Right channel: Bass - Center: Drums

02 may

Date: 02.05.2020

Rush Of Death - album of the month march 2020 !

At the online magazine Schweres - ALMANAC's album "Rush Of Death" was choosen to become album of the month March. In many other national and international magazines "Rush Of Death" has also become brilliant reviews. We're really proud!

02 may

Date: 02.05.2020

Voodoo Gods »The divinity of blood« CD-Digi

When death metal icons like George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, guitar virtuoso Victor Smolski, bass titan Jean Baudin and guitar god Jacek Hiro join together to form a death metal band, it reads like the membership list of the Metal Hall of Fame. This is the case with VOODOO GODS and therefore this band can be called a Death Metal Supergroup without exaggeration.

Get "The Divinity Of Blood" here:


Here Victor's guitar solo für "Ritual Of Thorn":

01 apr

Date: 01.04.2020

RUSH OF DEATH TOUR T-SHIRTS exclusively available at the NUCLEAR BLAST online store!

Due to the corona crisis we made our tour with Lordi only halfway through and had to cancel a lot of shows. The RUSH OF DEATH tour shirts, which were printed especially for this tour, are now available at the NUCLEAR BLAST online store at a special-offer price! So if you didn't make it to one of our shows in March: this is your chance!

Get your strictly limited shirt now if you would like to support ALMANAC in weird and crazy times! Cancellation fees are not to be expected in an act of nature like this, so we really appreciate every little act of support right now!

Get your limited tour shirt:


Get »Rush Of Death« in various formats, here:

28 mar

Date: 28.03.2020

Hello from the shutdown zone!

In times of corona, the dates schedule in motorsport, workshop- and concert sectors got mixed up. The first three race events in April and May have been postponed, but tzhe second part of the "Rush Of Death" tour is planned for July! (see "live" Section)

Here a video news from von Victor.


Get your »Rush Of Death« album here:

19 mar

Date: 19.03.2020

ALMANAC - "Rush Of Death" enters the charts!

Recently, Victor Smolski's ALMANAC unleashed their third studio album »Rush Of Death« via Nuclear Blast - and the record has entered the charts in ALMANAC's home country Germany at #67, in Switzerland at #54 and in the Japanese Disc Union Charts at #5.

Victor Smolski comments: "A big thank you to all our fans for your support! We are really happy about the chart entry and also about your feedback on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We will continue to post videos, so stay tuned! The atmosphere at our recent concerts has been absolutely amazing! Sadly, we have to take a break from touring now, due to Corona, but we will reschedule all our shows. I also hope you like our CD + DVD package! See you!"

Get »Rush Of Death« in various formats, here:

06 mar

Date: 06.03.2020

ALMANAC released new lyric video for title track 'Rush Of Death"!

Today, Victor Smolski's ALMANAC have unleashed their third studio album »Rush Of Death« via Nuclear Blast, and yesterday also kicked off their "KillecTour 2020" with LORDI. To celebreate the occasion, the band have released a new lyric video for title track 'Rush Of Death'.


watch the video here:

Get »Rush Of Death« in various formats, here:

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27 feb

Date: 27.02.2020

ALMANAC reveal live trailer with bonus DVD content!

In a week, on 06.03.2020, Victor Smolski's ALMANAC are set to unleash their third studio album, "Rush Of Death", via Nuclear Blast and kick off their "KillecTour 2020" with LORDI. Today, the band unveils a new live live trailer featuring some content from the bonus DVD, that will be released with the new album.


Watch the clip here:

Get the single digitally here:

20 feb

Date: 20.02.2020

ALMANAC release 'Self-Blinded Eyes' live video!

In only two weeks' time, on 06.03.2020, Victor Smolski's ALMANAC are set to unleash their third studio album, "Rush Of Death", via Nuclear Blast and kick off their "KillecTour 2020" with LORDI. Today, the band unveils a new live video for the song 'Self-Blinded Eyes', that was recorded in Minsk.


watch the video here:

Get the single digitally here:

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13 feb

Date: 13.02.2020

ALMANAC - talking about the musical development and the singers on the record

Victor Smolski's ALMANAC are set to unleash their third studio album, "Rush Of Death", on 06.03.2020 via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band gives another insight on the album, the musical development and the work with different singers on the record.

Zu Sehen gibt es den Streifen hier:

10 feb

Date: 10.02.2020

Guitar Battle TV Show in St Petersburg

It was a lot of fun to be guest at guitar battle in Russia! Thanks to all fans for your great support and unbelivable feedback!


Watch Self Blinded Eyes here:

01 feb

Date: 01.02.2020

ALMANAC - Writing & Recording 'Rush Of Death' (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Victor Smolski's ALMANAC are set to unleash their third studio album, "Rush Of Death", on 06.03.2020 via Nuclear Blast. Today, they unveil the second album trailer, in which Victor talks about the songwriting process and the recordings of the upcoming album.

Zu Sehen gibt es den Streifen hier:

23 jan

Date: 23.01.2020

ALMANAC release live video taken from bonus DVD

Victor Smolski's ALMANAC are set to unleash their third studio album, "Rush Of Death", on 06.03.2020 via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band release a live video for "Hands Are Tied" taken from the bonus live DVD, that will be included in the upcoming album release.


Check out the live video here:


Victor states:
"As a bonus DVD for our new album release "Rush Of Death", we compiled an extensive package of live material from our tours in 2019: From atmospheric recordings at the sold-out club show in Belarus to the bombastic concert at the Jeonju Stadium in Korea, which was our absolute highlight of 2019. There will also be some great impressions of ALMANAC shows at the Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen/CZ and the Big Gun Festival in Moscow/RUS. All recordings are a 100% live - without any touch ups or corrections (which is quite rare on today's DVD market). We hope you have fun listening and watching our handmade music!"

18 jan

Date: 18.01.2020

ALMANAC - Line Up & Artwork for 'Rush of Death'

Victor Smolski's ALMANAC are set to unleash their third studio album, "Rush Of Death", on 06.03.2020 via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band unveil the first album trailer, in which Victor gives more details about the line-up and artwork of the album: "Rush Of Death".

Check out the trailer here:

10 jan

Date: 10.01.2020

ALMANAC lyric video for first digital single released /pre-order available

Victor Smolski's ALMANAC are set to unleash their third studio album, "Rush Of Death", on 06.03.2020 via Nuclear Blast.  Today, the band has unleashed the lyric video for the first single , 'Predator'.


Watch the clip here:

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14 nov

Date: 14.11.2019

ALMANAC announce new album "Rush Of Death"!

Victor Smolski's ALMANAC are pleased to announce the next piece of big news for the band – that their third studio album "Rush Of Death" will be released on 06.03.2020 via Nuclear Blast. The epic cover artwork has also been revealed today.

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20 okt

Date: 20.10.2019

Victory at final run at german Rallycross Mastership 2019!

Unbelieveable victory at the final run for the German Rallycross Mastership 2019! The weather god has listened to my request, sending some rain convenient for the final race. As the power of the engine is not that important at a slippy surface, it actually was a dance on a razor blade. So I was totally happy, reaching the checkered flag first, having some little scratch at the car and a big advantage. That was a fantastic finish of a super successful mastership! A large part of my success belongs to my fantastic team Günter Beckers and Uwe Godau, who optimised my car from run to run. Thanks to all of you, who gave me support at the race track or at the internet!



13 aug

Date: 13.08.2019

Fantastic festival-tour ended - Now we'll go into studio

The Metalfest Open Air in Czechia, the Big Gun Festival in Moscow, the fantastic show at the JUMF festival in Korea and at the end the Tank mit Frank festival show in Germany was real fun. The fans could not only enjoy the well known ALMANAC songs, but also works out of Victor Smolskies earlier productive period. Thanks to all fans for their great support!!! Beside that, Victor reached the 3. position at a run of the German Rallycross Championship, played a show at with Go Music at a 50 years Woodstock festival and drove more than 2.000km on highway! Now he need some sleep!

Next week, ALMANAC are going into the studio, to record their third album. We will report out of the studio....



16 jul

Date: 16.07.2019

VS Studio - Orchestra arrangements

If you're a fan of handmade music with real instruments and you like orchestral sounds, I can offer you my help! Sometimes recording with an orchestra is faster and cheaper than painfully programming keyboard samples. Just let me know if you need arrangements, recordings or producings with an orchestra just like I did for Rage, Lingua Mortis Orchestra, Almanac, Leaves' Eyes and many more.



01 jul

Date: 01.07.2019

Impressions of Metalfest

Hi guys!

"Here are some impressions of the Metalfest for you!
We've cut a little video out of YOUR mobile snippests! …including a very special view out of Victors GoPro Camera which was fixed on his guitar neck!



07 jun

Date: 07.06.2019

4 Festival Shows - 4 Different Countries

Wow, what a hot show at the Metalfest in Plzen! 15.000 people infront of the stage, 38° on the stage and lots of fun! Thanks to all who where there for your great support! It's real cool: 4 festival shows - 4 different countries ! This is how we like it ! And in-between the shows we'll rehearse some new stuff for the upcoming ALMANAC album.

See you ....



18 may

Date: 18.05.2019

Driftshow At BrazzelDays

What a fantastic weekend at technic museum Speyer at Brazzeldays! Victor and his team had fun without end, many ruined wheels due to the drifting shows and many happy co-drivers! Many thanks to the team for perfect support! Now, Victor is looking forward to drive at the first run at German Rallycross Mastership round 1 - Eurocircuit, Valkenswaard - DRX 2019 in Valkenswaard / NL!



15 mar

Date: 15.03.2019

4. "Guitar Attack"

Attention guitar-nerds and metal-heads! On 09th of April 2019 the New Music Academy will organise an event for all friends of virtuosic guitar music, top-class casted. The 4. official „Guitar Attack“ is a combination out of workshop and concert, where beside the headmaster and founder of  „Guitar Attack“ Ralf Fiebelkorn two international top-class guys of the guitar scene could be engaged: Paul Gilbert and Victor Smolski!

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01 mar

Date: 01.03.2019

Breaking News from New Music Academy

Hi dear Metalheads

Finally it's happening: our new eagerly awaited correspondence course Metal Guitar Masterclass with Victor Smolski and Ralf Fiebelkorn will started on 07th of March! Everybody, who will bock the course up to the 06th of March will get 15% early bird discount on all course fees and for all Victor & ALMANAC fans we have a real special tidbit in petto:
On 07.03.19 the successful "ALMANAC" tour 2019 will be continued, and everybody who will book the correspondence course Metal Guitar Masterclassup to the 06.03.19, has the opportunity, to upgrade his purchased concert ticket to a free VIP ticket, with early entry to the soundcheck and meet & greet with Victor and the whole ALMANAC group.
More infos you'll get here:
And here you can test the Metal Guitar Masterclass 4 weeks free and noncommittal:
Tickets for ALMANAC tour you can get here:



15 feb

Date: 15.02.2019

Thanks for support

Thanks to all Metalheads for your support!

The first two concerts of the ALMANAC tour are sold out, we are looking forward to the next shows!


13 jan

Date: 13.01.2019

Guitar lessons riffs and solos

Hi guitar freaks, I have something very special for you! Prepare yourself for monster guitar lessons with riffs and solos from my history! You can find tracks on facebook and on ALMANAC Youtube Channel

Here you find a teaser for ALMANAC show in Hamm

16 nov

Date: 16.11.2018

Private Lesson Voucher

All guitarists, who didn't got time to book privat lessons with Victor Smolski, have the chance to buy a voucher for Christmas now for themself or as a present.

Voucher can be ordered atvictorsmolski(at)

16 nov

Date: 16.11.2018

ALMANAC announce 2019 headline tour

ALMANAC recently completed their 2018 festival season and seemingly can't get enough of playing live to their fans. So today they're pleased to announce a headline tour, that will start early in 2019.

Victor comments: “ After our tour at the beginning of this year and the amazing summer festivals we played at, ‘Werner-Das Rennen’ for example, we would like to go on tour again and, as a headliner, offer a very special set-list to our fans...

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03 nov

Date: 03.11.2018

Runners-up at German Rallycross Mastership

Congratulation Victor to the runners-up title in the Supercars Division at the German Rallycross Mastership 2018! "Thanks to all, who supported me during the great Rallycross season 2018, especially to my teamchef Günter Beckers! I never thought, that we will become runners-up in the Supercars Division at the German Rallycross mastership in our first year and that I finished first at single runs. It was real great fun, mega action, super atmosphere and fantastic drivers! Thanks to my sponsors for support! At the winter season we are going to upgrade, fighting for victory in 2019!"

Here a video, showing race-action during the season:

21 sep

Date: 21.09.2018

ALMANAC Festival-Liveclips - First Festival Show 2019

ALMANAC recently finished off their 2018 festival season. To celebrate, the band has launched a bunch of live videos from these appearances, to give fans at home an idea of what they've missed. Check them out below!

'Hands Are Tied' (Live in Portugal):

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14 aug

Date: 14.08.2018

ALMANAC show at "Werner - The Race" festival

On the 30thof August it willl happen again: "Werner - The Race", Europe's largest motorsport festival, enters their next round and this year, ALMANAC will be part of it - on the stage and also on the racetrack.e....

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05 aug

Date: 05.08.2018

Jeonju was A BLAST!!!

We're happy, honored, ecstatic, overwhelmed and ...tired! We are already looking forward to rocking in Seoul tomorrow

01 aug

Date: 01.08.2018

More action in Korea!

After ALMANAC show at JUMF festival and headliner club show on 5th of August in Seoul, Victor will be guest in Gwangju MBC TV show. On 8th of August, Victor will performe a solo show at Prism Hall/Seoul.

Don´t miss it!

25 jul

Date: 25.07.2018

ALMANAC will rock the JUMF Festival in Korea

Hi guys!
On 4th of August, ALMANAC are going to rock the JUMF Festival in Korea! The ALMANAC performance in the Jeonju Stadium will start at 8:10 pm! Don't miss the signing session around 06:35 ~ 06:55 pm!
See you there!

25 jun

Date: 25.06.2018

JUMF festival in Korea

Hi everybody, we're so proud to announce, that we will be doing a couple of shows in Asia this year. The first one will be a full night show on Saturday, 4th of August in Korea at the JUMF. JUMF (Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival) is becoming one of the biggest open-air rock festivals in Asia. JUMF ( will take place at Jeonju Stadium in the city of Jeonju on August 3-5, 2018.

18 jun

Date: 18.06.2018

Motorsport News

Rallycross is simply the killer!
It was the right decision, to start with this series. Power, action and adrenaline pur! It's real fun, being present with my team at this top organised race! Despite lost 3rd gear at the final run we be home with a cup.
We see us at the next DRX race in Schlüchtern!

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18 mai

Date: 18.05.2018

Incredible tour !

Fantastic shows around our European tour couldn't have been better! Thanks to Leaves' Eyes and MaYaN for this incredible tour! Thank you Paris, thank you Lyon, thank you München, thank you Siegburg, thank you Essen, thank you Vosselaar, thank you London, thank you Nijmegen, thank you Hamburg, thank you Erfurt, thank you Berlin, thank you Weinheim! We'll come back!

05 apr

Date: 05.04.2018

Happy birthday ALMANAC !

Thanks to all fans! 3 years have passed incredible fast, but it's a quiet short periode compared to my long Rock'n Roll history. It's already 35 years that I'm playing in different bands. Here you can see my history since I moved to Germany. See you on tour!

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