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31 Jan

Date: 31.01.2022

Special show at Big Gun Festival

I'm looking forward, playing a special show at Big Gun Festival. It will be a "Best Of Show" of my songs with some guests. Also, I'll play some stuff from my new solo CD, which I plan to release in summer 2022. I hope that Covid won't bring any changes and fans can enjoy the great line up of Big Gun festival in Moscow.


31 dec

Date: 31.12.2021

Happy New Year - Hologram Show in Korea

Happy New Year to everybody! Stay healthy and don't forget: It's your life. So, live and enjoy your life the way YOU want.
Check couple of songs of my hologram performance in Korea as an Avatar.

Greets, Victor


30 nov

Date: 30.11.2021

Victor Smolski signs with Massacre Records

Renowned and successful musician, producer and composer Victor Smolski has signed with Massacre Records, and plans to release his new solo album next year. "We are happy to announce the signing of Victor Smolski, who plans to release his 3rd solo album next year!"
Victor is also part of the Power Metal band ALMANAC and worked with the Power / Speed Metal band RAGE or the Symphonic metallers LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA, among others. Besides his passion for music, Victor is also a successful race driver.
As of now, Victor released two solo albums as well as two compilations under the belt of VICTOR SMOLSKI. Stay tuned for more updates.


22 oct

Date: 22.10.2021

Tribute to Jon Lord

A real bombastic show as tribute to Jon Lord with great band's line-up, sinfonic orchestra and many guest singer!


17 oct

Date: 17.10.2021

Victory at final run of German Rallycross Mastership

What a great weekend: super weather, many spectators, action without end and 1. place with quickest lap in final run of Supercars! Thanks to all, who contributed something, so my car could start in perfect condition.

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19 Mar


ALMANAC - release previously unreleased version of "Kingdom Of The Blind"

Victor Smolski's ALMANAC present a previously unreleased version of 'Kingdom Of The Blind', which originally was part of 2017's "Kingslayer" album featuring vocalist Frank Beck (GAMMA RAY) as well as new arrangements.
Victor Smolski comments:
"On our European Tour 2020, Frank Beck became the main singer of ALMANAC. 'Kingdom Of The Blind' was his favourite song from ALMANAC. So, we decided to do a new version of this song with great support from Belarus Symphony Orchestra, which brings the song to a new level."

A lyric video for the track can be viewed here:

The track is available as digital single on all platforms now. Furthermore, a demo version of the song is part of's "Metal Alliance vol. 4" compilation that's available on CD at:


03 Nov

Date: 03.11.2020

Online Lessons

Hello everybody!
From December I´ll offer online lessons for guitar, song writing, arrangement and all other music topics you´re interested in. You can book personal lessons or order gift vouchers. For your personal offer, please, contact me:



Musician, producer, composer, teacher, author of one of the most successful German guitar learning DVD "School of Metal".

Many guitar magazines like the Russian magazine "Classic Rock", the German "Guitar magazine", the Japanese magazine "Burrn!" voted him many times in the Top 20 guitarist of the reader´s pop poll.

He is jury member for many international music competitions and worldwide representative and co-developer for prestigious companies in the music industry, such as YAMAHA, ENGL, SHURE, CORDIAL, Thomastik-Infeld, KSE Music etc.




tour dates

  • rush of death Tour
  • JUMF Korea

upcoming events

Tour with Lordi has to be shifted

  • 2022 08'Apr

    Münster Germany - 08.04.

    Rare Guitar

    Stay Hungry feat. Victor Smolski

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  • 2022 30'Apr

    Herne Germany - 30.04.

    Heavy Metal Circus

    Korry Shadwell feat. Victor Smolski

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  • 2021 30'Oct

    Düsseldorf Germany - 30.10.

    Pitcher Headlinertour

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

  • 2021 12'Nov

    Bergheim Germany - 12.11.


    Tribute to Jon Lord

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  • 2021 04'Dec

    Hamm Germany - 04.12.

    Hoppegarden Headlinertour

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

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Victor Smolski the Race Driver


Race History

2021 - 1. place at Supercars final run at German Rallycross Mastership 2021
Third place in Supercars Division at German Rallycross Mastership
1. place at 3rd run of Rallye Sprint Cup
Vice Champion in Supercars Division at German Rallycross Mastership 2018 / 2019
1. place at Supercars final run at German Rallycross Mastership 2019
17 class victories at the Nürburgring circuit, Hockenheimring and circuit of Spa-Francorchamps
11th participation at 24h race at Nürburgring, many participation at national rallyes, 24h race at German Rallye Raid, cup- and touring car trophy.


Hi everybody, next weekend, we are battling for victory in Buxtehude again. Thanks to all fans at the race course and to my sponsors. I really feeled honord, that I was admitted into the world of Recaro together with legends as Walter Röhrl, Armin Schwarz, Timo Bernhard ...

Finally on the race track again! It's realy good to step on the gas, blowing free the head, and flying through the rallye tests. Reaching the 3. place in total, the first race appearance this year was real successful. Thanks to Armin Schwarz for organization of Rallye Sprint Cups, to Günter Beckers for the perfect prepared car, as well as Thomas Gorlt for the great photos. As it is real difficult, planing dates during this damned Lockdown, I not only start at the German Rallycross Mastership, but also at Rallyes and mountain-races. I hope, that anytime spectators can be at the race track again! We see us!


push the pedal to the metal

upcoming races

  • 25 Mar'22

    Hockenheim Germany 25-27.03.

    Hockenheim Ring Audi S4

    Hockenheim Berg-Cup

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  • 13 Mai'22

    Oschersleben Germany 13-15.05.

    Motorsport Arena Audi S4

    Oschersleben Berg-Cup

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  • 04 Jun'22

    Gründau Germany 04.+ 05.06.

    Gründautalring Audi S4

    DRX 2022 2.+ 3. Lauf

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  • 09 Jul'22

    Arendonk Belgium 09.+ 10.07.

    Glosso Circuit Audi S4

    DRX 2022 4. Lauf

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  • 13 Aug'22

    Valkenswaard Netherland 13.+ 14.08.

    Eurocircuit Audi S4

    DRX 2022 5. Lauf

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  • 17 Sep'22

    Schlüchtern Germany 17.+ 18.09.

    Ewald-Pauli-Ring Audi S4

    DRX 2022 6.+ 7. Lauf

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  • 08 Oct'22

    Buxtehude Germany 08.+ 09.10.

    Estering Audi S4

    DRX 2022 8.+ 9. Lauf

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After 15 years and 10 CD’s as guitarist, producer and composer for the German Heavy Metal institution RAGE and with hits penned by him like “Down”, “Soundchaser”, “War of Worlds”, “Straight to Hell”, “Carved in Stone”, “Forever Dead”, “Empty Hollow” and “Cleansed by Fire”, Victor Smolski now continues his musical career with his new group ALMANAC.

ALMANAC add a powerful touch of heaviness to LMO’s unique sound. Melodic power metal in conjunction with classical orchestra and modern sound are making ALMANAC an absolute listening experience.


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