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03 Nov

Date: 03.11.2020

Online Lessons

Hello everybody!
From December I´ll offer online lessons for guitar, song writing, arrangement and all other music topics you´re interested in. You can book personal lessons or order gift vouchers. For your personal offer, please, contact me:


19 aug

Date: 19.08.2020

Soundcheck in the car!

I've never had so many studio jobs like in Corona times! Here some infos and examples....


19 aug

Date: 19.08.2020

ALMANAC - Neuigkeiten im August!

The corona lockdown doesn't mean that the band members around Victor Smolski are idle away their time. They are already busy writing new songs and besides that, something special is coming in October!


12 may

Date: 12.05.2020

Victor Smolski's pick chains

At Rockys merchandise, you can order different Victor Smolski pick chains. The ALMANAC pick chain stainless steel, Victor Smolski's pick chain with checkered flag or a package with Victors DVD School Of Metal are available there.

Here a link to Rockys merchandise:


09 may

Date: 09.05.2020

ALMANAC headliner tour and tour with Lordi

End of 2020, ALMANAC are going to play some Headliner Shows, before starting the rescheduled tour with Lordi in February 2021. The good thing about it: there will be even more dates and cities! So after all this weird months we're looking foward to seeing you on tour in February 2021!

As a kind of warm up show, ALMANAC will rock the Hoppegarden in Hamm with a real long setlist! So check the dates section and get your ticket...

19 mar

Date: 19.03.2020

ALMANAC - "Rush Of Death" enters the charts!

Recently, Victor Smolski's ALMANAC unleashed their third studio album »Rush Of Death« via Nuclear Blast - and the record has entered the charts in ALMANAC's home country Germany at #67, in Switzerland at #54 and in the Japanese Disc Union Charts at #5.

Victor Smolski comments: "A big thank you to all our fans for your support! We are really happy about the chart entry and also about your feedback on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We will continue to post videos, so stay tuned! The atmosphere at our recent concerts has been absolutely amazing! Sadly, we have to take a break from touring now, due to Corona, but we will reschedule all our shows. I also hope you like our CD + DVD package! See you!"

Get »Rush Of Death« in various formats, here:

20 okt

Date: 20.10.2019

Victory at final run at german Rallycross Mastership 2019!

Unbelieveable victory at the final run for the German Rallycross Mastership 2019! The weather god has listened to my request, sending some rain convenient for the final race. As the power of the engine is not that important at a slippy surface, it actually was a dance on a razor blade. So I was totally happy, reaching the checkered flag first, having some little scratch at the car and a big advantage. That was a fantastic finish of a super successful mastership! A large part of my success belongs to my fantastic team Günter Beckers and Uwe Godau, who optimised my car from run to run. Thanks to all of you, who gave me support at the race track or at the internet!




Victor Smolski is a musician, producer, composer, teacher, author of one of the most successful German guitar learning DVDs, School of Metal. He was a member of the German heavy metal band RAGE, from 1999 until 2015. He founded the metal band ALMANAC, and joined the bands Mind Odyssey and Lingua Mortis Orchestra (LMO). Victor was jury member for several international music competitions. Victor is also a worldwide representative and co-developer for companies in the music industry, such as Yamaha, ENGL, Shure, Cordial, Thomastik-Infeld, etc.




tour dates

  • rush of death Tour
  • JUMF Korea

upcoming events

  • 28 Jan'21

    Düsseldorf Germany - 28.01.

    Pitcher ZUSATZTERMIN !!!

    Victor Smolski - Workshop

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  • 29 Jan'21

    Düsseldorf Germany - 29.01.


    Victor Smolski - Workshop

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  • 30 Jan'21

    Hamm Germany - 30.01.

    Hoppegarden Headlinertour

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

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  • 09 Apr'21

    Gießen Germany - 09.04.

    Kulturzentrum Jokus Headlinertour

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

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  • 28 Mai'21

    Düsseldorf Germany - 28.05.

    Pitscher Headlinertour

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

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  • 04 Sep'21

    Memmingen Germany - 04.09.

    Kaminwerk Europeantour with Lordi

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

  • 05 Sep'21

    Heidelberg Germany - 05.09.

    Halle 02 Europeantour with Lordi

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

  • 08 Sep'21

    Nürnberg Germany - 08.09.

    Hirsch Europeantour with Lordi

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

  • 09 Sep'21

    Prague Czech Republic - 09.09.

    Roxy Europeantour with Lordi

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

  • 10 Sep'21

    Regensburg Germany - 10.09.

    Eventhall-Airport Europeantour with Lordi

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

  • 11 Sep'21

    Pratteln Switzerland - 11.09.

    Z7 Europeantour with Lordi

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

  • 12 Sep'21

    Cologne Germany - 12.09.

    Essigfabrik Europeantour with Lordi

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

  • 14 Sep'21

    Amstelveen Netherland - 14.09.

    P 60 Europeantour with Lordi

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

  • 15 Sep'21

    Aschaffenburg Germany - 15.09.

    Colos-Saal Europeantour with Lordi

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

  • 16 Sep'21

    Stuttgart Germany - 16.09.

    LKA Longhorn Europeantour with Lordi

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

  • 17 Sep'21

    Schaffhausen Switzerland - 17.09.

    Kammgarn Europeantour with Lordi

    Victor Smolski's ALMANAC

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Victor Smolski the Race Driver


Race History

Vice Champion in Supercars Division at German Rallycross Mastership 2018 / 2019
1. place at Supercars final run at German Rallycross Mastership 2019
17 class victories at the Nürburgring circuit, Hockenheimring and circuit of Spa-Francorchamps
11th participation at 24h race at Nürburgring, many participation at national rallyes, 24h race at German Rallye Raid, cup- and touring car trophy.

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  • 13 Jun'20

    Buxtehude Germany

    Estering Audi Quattro

    DRX 2020

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